Benefits of dietary supplements over treatment with medicines

Food supplements are intended as additions to the diet. They are products that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), enzymes (complex proteins that speed up biochemical reactions) or other ingredients with a nutritional or physiological effect. Medicines, on the other hand, are drugs or other preparations that target a particular body […]


How to enhance mental performances

In today’s busy world and this era of multitasking it is often easy to lose your mental focus and end up feeling lost and stressed. This highlights the need to look after your brain and have a strategy to improve your memory and brain performance even in stressful conditions. Mental performance is important at all […]


Understanding tiredness and how to beat it

Tiredness can be caused by a wide range of causes. Persistent tiredness or fatigue could have an underlying medical cause. Tiredness generally becomes fatigue when the tiredness becomes overwhelming and rest and sleep don’t make it better. Medical causes of tiredness or fatigue may include anaemia, thyroid disorder, heart disease and diabetes. Diseases that have […]